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 Reliant Electrical is a full service electrical company. We provide the best in customer service by letting you know all your options in advance and protecting your home with drop cloth and clean up afterwards. Fully stocked service trucks allow us to arrive at your door prepared to do the work.

Your family and home deserve our expert, professional and guaranteed service. Call us today. 1-843-384-4483

We have the experience to handle your remodel plans. Whether you are doing the work yourself or using a contractor we can help.

We have completed hundreds of remodel projects so we know what to expect. Our expertise includes, baths, kitchens, bonus rooms to whole homes. We can help you with your electrical design and layout so your project includes what is needed for electrical, lighting, data and audio/video.

We install floodlights, driveway and path lights to make it safe and easy for you and your guest to enter or leave your home. These lights can be controlled remotely from your car so you can "light it up" when you arrive after dark.

Landscape lighting is attractive by adding accent to the driveway, trees and facade of your home.

Security lighting provides peace of mind by detecting movement around your home at night.

We can wall mount your TV and install surround sound speakers. Having done over 100 installations we can assist you in the proper mount to use. Another consideration is the cabling required for your TV. Our expertise includes hiding your wiring inside the wall for a clean professional installation. Let us help you to "get it right" by consulting with us before purchasing your mount and cabling.

Ceiling fans make a great addition to bedrooms, family rooms and porches. During the summer, they provide a cool breeze and in the winter they circulate warm air, near the ceiling, around the room. We can add fans to your older home, upgrade your existing fans or install fans in your new home.

Smoke, heat & carbon monoxide detectors have saved thousands of lives and are the most important appliance in your home.  For this reason, modern building standards require smoke detectors inside and outside of every bedroom. If your garage is connected to your home via a door or you have gas appliances then a carbon monoxide sensor is imperative. There are now wireless detectors which reduce installation cost. Today's detectors are linked together so that when one goes off, they all go off. A fire in the kitchen will sound the smoke alarm in all the upstairs bedrooms. Many older homes have battery powered detectors only. When one of these are triggered in one part of the home it may not be heard in another. Unfortunately, a smoke detector is only effective if someone hears it.